TTS Easy Manager

1. Who the hell are you?


I love tabletop games, and Tabletop Simulator is an opportunity for trying games before buying. The community in the workshop of Steam is very active and every day new games, and new versions for existing games are uploaded. Unfortunately there are not so many games in spanish, my native language. If you want to create a mod in your language for a game, it's a good idea starting with a mod in other language and swapping original images with translated images.


Such esay task is not so easy using the Tabletop Simulator interface. This is the initial reason for developing a simple manager to assist you. After that, I've included other functionalities like backup and restoring, because of the death rate of mods in the Steam workshop. I hope that this tool will be useful for other people, like it has been useful for me.


I have no relation with Tabletop Simulator developer, Berserk Games. I'm the author of Softbreakers blog, and this tool is one of its projects.

Read before writting.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. What is the actual situation of the tool?


At the time of writting this, TTS Easy Manager works okey with the last version on Steam of Tabletop Simulator. I don't know anything about update plans of Berserk Games. In case of Berserk Games updates the format of the files which are used by TTS Easy Manager, I'll try to update the manager ASAP, but as it is a free project, and I have no too much time, so I can't promise any timing for future updates. Tool is self-update, so you don't have to visit this site to check if you have the last version.


3. Requirements 


The tool has been developed with .NET Framework 4, so the requirements are the same that .NET Framework. Check the Microsoft site for more specific requirements. You don't need to install .NET Framework 4. In case of needed, the application setup will do it for you.


And, of course, a functional installation of Tabletop Simulator is needed.


4. How it works?


Application includes a help file, and it supports spanish and english languages (at this moment). I've tried to make an easy to learn tool, but if there are a lot of questions about some topic, I'll try to redesign the problem, or at least I'll update this FAQ.