TTS Easy Manager

How it works?

1. Download and install

Install TTS Easy Manager, and don't worry about updates. It's self-update everytime you start the application.

 2. Explore, backup and edit

Explore, backup and edit all assets used by the games you have loaded into Tabletop Simulator. Don't worry about deletions of games or assets.

3. Play and have fun

And finally play, play and play... 

How much does it cost?


I'm not related to Tabletop Simulator developer, Berserk Games, so they don't pay me for this application. As the creators of games and mods for the Steam workshop of Tabletop Simulator distribute freely their creations, I think that a manager for this mods should be distributed free.


Actually this site, and servers for the game are hosted by Hostinger, so thanks to them for giving this free space without ads.

Welcome to TTS Easy Manager site.

Another manager for Tabletop Simulator mods.



16 September 2016

First release.